To what extent are we truly living in a digital world? Do digital channels like Facebook and Youtube still makeup the cornerstone of marketing success? This month’s Quality Circle exchange, hosted at New European College, gave students the opportunity to step outside the bounds of the traditional marketing lecture to question and discuss some of the industry’s hottest topics and current issues.

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With digital marketing consultant and NEC lecturer Dr.Korbinian Spann at the helm, students and faculty went head-to-head at the November Quality Circle to debate the topic of “Push vs. Pull Marketing”. Using a  German utilities service provider as the basis for the business case, teams were given the task of developing argumentation for a ‘push’ versus ‘pull’ marketing strategy.

In today’s digital world, emphasis tends to be placed on marketing activities which ‘pull’ customers in via digital tactics. The challenge was therefore to defend more traditional strategies like TV advertising and POS marketing which ‘push’ products to customers and are more directly responsible for driving revenue and growth. Heated discussion, moments of discovery and a journey into the world of e-commerce and the energy industry ensued. The consensus? Given the business model and future goals of the company, a pull strategy would be the best fit.

“The Quality Circle was an incredibly eye-opening event,” commented NEC Bachelor student Parsa Motamedi. “I was blown away by howmuch marketing knowledge I was exposed to throughout the evening. The exchange was a fantastic way to learn more about what is happening in the current world of marketing and it was fun to have a chance to get more involved in topics we have heard about in class – and even challenge them.”

Thanks to chancellor Sascha Liebhardt and Lydia Siebler we enjoyed the hospitality ofNEC and a great atmosphere.

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