In December the Quality Circle visited Usercentrics, a startup based in Munich, to discuss how GDPR and privacy laws can agree with personalised advertising and websites based on personal information. Usercentrics offers a website interface for users to manage and document the consent for each tracker like Google Analytics and co.

Founder Mischa Rürup was our this evening to explain in detail how the software works and why it is important for every company in the future. He claims that privacy and transparency will be the cornerstone of all future marketing efforts. Even if there are no court decisions in the moment, the German administration and authorities will most likely enforce the law next year. And there is of course the ePrivacy regulation on the horizon with even stricter rules on the use of cookies.

All this opposes of course website personalisation, so it will be key that users understand why they give away personal data and how it is used. The group had a lively exchange on how future software solutions could like, e.g. an interface for all websites and apps or closed online communities.

We are very grateful for this lively debate and like to thank Usercentrics and the New European College team for the ongoing support! If you like, have a look at this review.