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The marketing debate club for scholars, students and professionals

The Quality Circle is a debate club for all marketing students by Dr. Korbinian Spann to discuss state of the art marketing and digitalisation issues.

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Together we shape the world we live in. Therefore, lets start the exchange on how marketing changes our perception and shapes the future society. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are neither good or bad, they might become tools of our daily life.

We can take care for our motivation and ability but we need a little bit of luck to get in touch with the right people. The quality circle aims to be a platform to connect scholars, students and professionals.

Okt 15
07:00 PM
Data vs. Story? (Big Data vs. Content Marketing)
Today, two big trends form the reality of online marketing: big data (personalisation, analytics, attribution ...) and content marketing (SEO, Social Media, video content...). We are going to analyse and compare those two trends and discuss the impact on our marketing goals.


Flossmannstr. 20
81245 Munich
Nov 08
18:30 PM
Push vs. Pull Marketing? (Marketing in a digital world)
Marketers tend to believe we live in a digital world and platforms like Facebook and Youtube are therefore the cornerstone of marketing success. Most of the activities happen in a digital world and are build on pull marketing. But does this really cover the reality? Still, push marketing like TV advertising and POS marketing are responsible for revenue and growth. Let´s discuss the pros and cons of push and pull marketing strategies and ask ourselves in how far we are really living in a digital world. Case and literature will be provided in advance.


Wolfratshauser Straße 84
81379 Munich
Dec 13
19:30 PM
Personalisation vs. Privacy? (GDPR and Big Data)
With the enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25th 2018 and the new EU ePrivacy Regulation digital marketing is about to change in many ways. Now, the usage of personal data is restricted and needs the consent of each user, e.g. in regard to cookies. However, personalised advertising is a new trend and relies on cookies and tracking, so marketers and companies have to look for new solutions to still use personal data. We will debate the matter of privacy (GDPR) versus personalisation (personalised advertising) at Usercentrics, a Munich based startup with a technology to overcome the challenge. Usercentrics provides a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that enables you to get, manage and document consents of your users for specific technologies and purposes.


Rosental 4
80331 Munich
Jul 1
10:00 AM
Mastering the German Job Market (Vision vs. Reality)
After a lot of studies and exams it is sometimes not easy to enter the job market and be aware of opportunities. This time, we will talk about the job market in Germany for the students. We will focus especially on what kind of job positions students could apply after finishing their studies. Of course there will be tipps and tricks on applications as well. Our speakers will be Victoria Schneider, Rhea Felicitas Steckler (both from Hays: https://www.hays.de) and Sarah Menz (PR Agency Modem Conclusa: https://www.modemconclusa.de/).


Wolfratshauser Str. 84
81379 Munich

Future Topics for our discussion

  • Data vs. Privacy (Personalisation and Big Data)
  • Voice vs. Text (Consumer Behaviour and Convenience)
  • Brand vs. Performance (Marketing funnels)
  • Efficiency vs. Empathy in marketing – a discussion on Rory Sutherland

Previous Events

October 15th: Data vs. Story? (Big Data vs. Content Marketing)

Our first session was all about the question on how data and content could be used as different tactics for company success. The rules of Quality Circle are quite simple: after a short introduction, we build two groups and prepare in 15 minutes a valid argumentation....

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