How do you acquire new customers?

If you want to acquire new customers, you must listen carefully to your target group!

The goal is to contact consumers in digital channels and arouse their interest with appropriate messages.

The optimisation of search engines, display advertising and social media form a part of this task. Finally, the goal of a campaign must be clearly defined in order to measure success.

The acquisition of new customers via digital channels could be a competitive advantage for you.

We offer support in the following areas:


  • Search engine optimisation (globally) (SEO)
  • Advertising in search engines (globally) (SEA)
  • Programmatic advertising and remarketing
  • Development of metrics and KPIs

Case Studies

Data insights and personalisation

In this presentation custom data architecture and infrastructure demonstrate how to use the existing data of a corporation to drive personalisation, individual messaging and campaigns.

This concept shows the necessary steps to build a global infrastructure for media buying and lead generation for a B2B company. It was validated in a global pilot in 2017.