Do you know your customers?

…sure you do but you could improve this knowledge using data management.

To me data management means transparent and efficient implementation of analytics, a working reporting infrastructure, dashboards and a customer database.

Associated architecture will depend on your goals. It could, for instance, be developed for personalisation of content or optimising media buying.

Once you’re aware of consumer needs and preferences, you can invest in a long term relationship.

We offer support in the following areas:


  • Data Science / Analytics
  • Ad Tech
  • Data Visualisation
  • Big Data

Case Studies

Analytics Dashboards mit Tableau

With this example I’d like to demonstrate how I plan implementation of global, custom dashboards. This includes the definition of metrics and KPIs, the technical setup and the dashboards themselves.
In the case of W. L. Gore & Associates custom dashboards were provided for the global marketing team and external agencies.

Insaas: AI powered product performance controlling

What do customers think & feel about your product? Insaas enables product developers and marketers to create better products and services based on real customer feedback.

The Power of Customer Feedback

Do you truly know in this exact moment what your customers think about your best-selling product? And by knowing we don’t mean that you have an idea of your recent support tickets or an Excel document with reviews from some online portals where your company is present. What we mean are deep insights into the emotions and motivations of your customers and what specifically they like or don’t like about your product.